6177 Delmar Blvd.

University City, MO


Hours of Operation

M: 630PM - 3AM

T: 630PM - 3AM

W:630PM - 3AM

T: 630PM - 3AM
F: 630PM - 3AM

S: 630PM - 3AM

Su: 630PM - 3AM

Happy Hour 

M: 4PM - 7PM 

T:  4PM - 7PM 

W: 4PM - 7PM 

Th:4PM - 7PM 

F:  4PM - 7PM 

S:  4PM - 7PM 

Su 4PM - 7PM  


Sunday - Thursday


 Avery El Gose 



Civil Life 


Old Fashioned 


 Vodka Martini


Select Wines 



Fried Green Tomatoes w/ Comeback Sauce 


Southern Hummus 


Charcuterie Board 


Pulled Pork Nachos 

Eclipse Restaurant Lounge 


Deviled Eggs, Chef's Selection 


 Sirghum Glazed Pork Belly 

Charcuterie Board

Fried Green Tomatoes w/ Pork Belly


Oysters on a Half Shell (6) 

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