MoMo's Ouzaria Taverna

630 North and South

University City, MO


Hours of Operation

  M:  11AM - 11PM 

T: 11AM - 11PM

W:11AM - 11PM

T: 11AM - 11PM
F:11AM - 11PM

S:11AM - 11PM

Su:11AM - 11PM

Happy Hour 

M: 3PM - 6PM 

T:  3PM - 6PM 

W: 3PM - 6PM 

Th:3PM - 6PM 

F:  3PM - 6PM 


Monday - Friday


Domestic Beer 


Well Drinks 



1/2 Priced Spreads


1/2 Priced Mojitos  



Stag Beer

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Email us at for edits, suggestions, or general inquiries. Thank you for your interest. 

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