16 S. Bemiston Ave.

Clayton, MO


Hours of Operation

M: 11AM - 11PM

T: 11AM - 11PM

W: 11AM - 11PM

T: 11AM - 11PM
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Su:  11AM - 9PM

Happy Hour 


T:   3PM - 6PM 

W:  3PM - 6PM 

Th: 3PM - 6PM 

F:   3PM - 6PM 

S:   3PM - 6PM 

Su:  3PM - 6PM 




Select Local Beer Taps


Selected Red, BubblesWhite


Mule, Smash or Sour

25% Off All Wine Bottles


Squeaky cheese



Banh Mi Duck Lettuce Wraps

SCB Sliders w/ Fries 


Garlic Black Pepper Calamari

Pineapple Tuna Nachos

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